Event 2021

Dan certificate presentation

9 Dec 2021 : Congratulations to 11 of our members for successfully passing their Jitsueikai Japan and Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Goju Kai Dan grading. Keep up the great work! Your Karate Do Journey has just got started.




A young role model

9 Dec 2021 :

Read about Uliana’s journey to winning Gold Medal in the recent Karatedo Union of Singapores National Kata Championships. Uliana trains at our Hillview Community Club (Bukit Gombak) Dojo (Tuesday Class). The article was published by the Canadian International School. Well Done Uliana!




Karatedo Union of Singapore (KUS) National Kata Competition 2021

26 Oct 2021 : Congratulations to our members for their accomplishments at the Karatedo Union of Singapore (KUS) National Kata Competition 2021.

Male 8-9 years old Catgerory

  • Yeo Eng Ming – Bronze Medal
  • Wong Wai Jae – Silver Medal

Female 8-13 years old Category

  • Uliana Kosyreva – Gold Medal
  • Teo Eun Rye – joint Bronze Medal
  • Qi Lin – joint Bronze Medal

Male 10-13 years old Category

  • Shaun Ng – joint Bronze medal

Male 10-15yrs (10kyu-7kyu) Category

  • Jayden Neo – Gold Medal
  • Jarvis Neo – Silver Medal



E-Kata competition 2021

21 Sep 2021 : The e-Kata competition organising committee would like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm and sportsmanship. All participants received an e-certificate of participation and a GRKAS customised mask. Congratulations to below medalists (3rd runner up to champion). We hope to see you again in the next competition.

Hillview Community Club

  • Primrommel Tristan Low Canuela
  • Kei Pierce
  • Joishy Inchara
  • Joishy Ananya
  • Uliana Kosyreva

HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok Club House

  • Li Yutong
  • Yan Tze Cing
  • Lasker Lai
  • Ethan Lau Pin Xian

Punggol21 Community Club

  • Wong Wai Jae
  • Khloe Pok Yi Xuan
  • Tay Boon Kyi Jeanne
  • Wong Kin Keong

The Serangoon Community Club

  • Ethan Tan
  • San Chee Peng

Woodlands Community Club

  • Tan Jia Yao
  • Jayden Neo
  • Cai Qingchi

Zhenghua Community Club

  • Teo Eun Rye
  • Cheng Yi Zhen


E-Kata competition 2021

10 Jul 2021 : A glimpse of what the e-kata competition medal looks like. All participants will receive a limited edition GRKAS reusable mask and an E-Certificate of Participation. The e-kata competition is opened to all GRKAS members.


E-Kata competition 2021

28 May 2021 : Goju-Ryu Karate-do Association of Singapore (GRKAS) is organising its first e-Kata competition. The event is open to all members of GRKAS and the cost of participation is free. We encourage all parents, students, and the local community to participate in the event to showcase the art of Goju-Ryu karate through the various kata.





Dojo Status – May 2021

19 May 2021 : Stay safe guys.





Certificate presentation

21 Apr 2021 : Certificate presentation to our young karateka at our HomeTeamNS dojo. OK, a few are not that young, but congratulation nonetheless. May your continuous training leads to a strengthened mind, confidence and physique.




Stay calm. Train karate.

31 Mar 2021 : Black belt training session at our honbu dojo on 25 Mar 2021.




Dan Certificate Presentation

29 Mar 2021 : Congratulations to all participants.


Dan Grading exercise – Jan 2021

19 Jan 2021 : The first dan grading of 2021 was conducted on January in our honbu dojo (Serangoon CC).