Mass grading registration

GRKAS mass grading and seminar registration

Goju-Ryu Karate-do Association Singapore is organising mass grading and seminar event. All students are welcome to attend this event.

  • Venue : Tanjong Pagar community club
  • Date : 26th Nov 2022



Please click on the following to register for the event.

1) Mass grading and seminar event – Registration closed.

2) Seminar event only – Registration closed.


Reporting time

1) Mass grading : 8.30 am

2) Seminar : 12.30pm




The fee for mass grading and seminar event is $60.
If you are not taking the mass grading but is interested to attend the seminar, the fee is $30.

1) Make payment via PayNow to UEN number S99SS0139B.

2) In the [UEN/Bill Reference] field, enter the name of the participating student.







Seminar topics

Below is the planned seminar topics.

  • Introduction to various karate style
  • Goju-ryu karate characteristics
  • GRKAS history and organisation
  • GRKAS syllabus and value of our certificate
  • GRKAS affiliation and national sports association status
  • Karate-do discipline and dojo etiquette
  • Introduction to karate kata
  • Kata practice (Saifa, Sanchin kata)
  • Kata bunkai presentation


Please be advised that topics is subject to change without prior notice.


Lunch meal

The event does not include lunch. Students may get their lunch at Tanjong Pargar Market and Food Centre which is about 250m, 3 minutes walk from the community club.