Origin of the name: “Goju Ryu”

The name Goju-Ryu was derived from a Chinese kempo (chuan fa) poem of an ancient text called the “Bubishi”. The proper Chinese translation would be “Wu Bi Shii” ??? (Traditional Chinese) or ?? ? (Simplified Chinese).

In the poem that follows (translated in English), on the third line you can find the statement of Goju.


“Wu Bi Shii” – Wu Bei Zhi                  

The mind is one with Heaven & Earth

The Circulatory rhythm of the body is similar to the cycle of the Sun & the Moon

The way of inhaling & exhaling is hardness and softness

Act in accordance with time and change

Techniques will occur in the absence of conscious thought

The feet must advance & retreat, seperat & meet

The eye do not miss even the slightest change

The ears listen well in all directions