The Grading System

A grading is a test of your progress from an achieved level of knowledge, skill and spirit. Color belts are worn during training to let Sensei and training partners aware your level.

Grading will be conducted every 3 to 6 months and the following conditions apply:
 - Minimum of 12 training sessions
 - Meet at least 75% of training attendance.

Students who have passed the test shall receive:
 - Certificate of Achievement
 - New Color Belt

GRKAS Belt system

Kids (5 to 16 years old) Belt System Adults (>17 years old) Belt System
1. White 1. White 9th Kyu
2. Yellow 2. Yellow 8th Kyu
3. Orange 3. Yellow 7th Kyu
4. Red 4. Blue 6th Kyu
5. Purple 5. Blue 5th Kyu
6. Blue 6. Brown 4th Kyu
7. Green 7. Brown 3rd Kyu
8. Brown 8. Brown 2nd Kyu
9. Black (Junior) 9. Brown 1st Kyu
  10. Black (Shodan)


It is important to remember that the belt colors are not the main purpose of the training sessions. What is important in the belt  system is the student’s effort and will to get better after each training session.

Traditionally, Shodan, or 1st Dan black belt, literally means the first step and continues up to higher Dan level. The Shodan black belt is not the end of training but rather as a beginning to advanced learning of true Karate-Do.