E-Kata competition 2021 details


E-Kata competition 2021 details

Goju-Ryu Karate-do Association Singapore (GRKAS) is organising its first e-Kata competition. The event is open to all members of GRKAS and the cost of participation is free.

All participants will be awarded an e-Certificate of Participation and prizes will be provided to the top 4 individuals for each category.

Email eKata@gojuryusg.org for inquiries.


Event categories

The table below shows the event categories allowed for participation in the competition.

Male and Female Categories
Category 1 7-8 yrs
Category 2 9-10 yrs
Category 3 11-13 yrs
Category 4 14-15 yrs
Category 5 16-17 yrs
Category 6  > 18yrs (Adult)



Rules and regulations

Participants are to perform at least 1 Kata (compulsory). However, we encourage participants to perform at least 2 Katas, at an event of a tie-score outcome. The 2nd kata will be used for judging.

List of Katas permitted for video submission*

  • Gekisai Dai-Ichi
  • Gekisai Dai-Ni
  • Saifa
  • Seiyunchin (To control and Pull in Battle)
  • Shisochin (Four Directional Battle)
  • Sanseru (36 Hands technique)
  • Sepai (18 Hands technique)
  • Kururunfa (Long and Striking Hand)
  • Seisan (13 Hands technique)
  • Suparinpei (108 Hands technique)

*Note: Sanchin and Tensho Kata are not allowed for the competition


Kata assessment

Participants’ kata performance will be assessed by our judge panel (Honbu dojo Chief instructor and senior instructors). Judges will evaluate the performance based on two major criteria, namely (i) technical and (ii) athletic performance. The performance is evaluated from the bow starting the kata till the bow ending the kata.

Judging Criteria based on WKF rules and regulations

(i) Technical Performance

  1. Stances
  2. Techniques
  3. Transitional movements
  4. Timing
  5. Correct breathing
  6. Focus (KIME)
  7. Conformance: Consistent in performance of the KIHON techniques of Goju-Ryu style in the Kata.

(ii) Athletic Performance

  1. Strength
  2. Speed
  3. Balance

Judges will review all video recording submissions at the end of the competition and assign scores respectively for the submissions. The Top 2 finalists for each event category will move to the final round.


Final round bouts

The top 2 participants based on judges’ final scores from each category will be required to perform live via Zoom platform. Finalists should be in full-frame and front view during the final bout. The final bouts will see live judging and scoring. All finalists will be informed of the details of the live final bouts. Final bouts will be held towards the end of June. 


Recording and video submission instructions

Participants are required to have a Google account for the submission. Video submissions to be made via the Google Form link by the stipulated period of 28 May 2021 – 23 July 2021. The closing date of submission will be 2359hrs, 23 July 2021.

Video submission and File format

All video submissions to be saved as follows:
<Dojo>_<Name>_<Age Group>_<Kata name>.mpeg

Example: CanberraCC_7_8yrs_GeksaiDaichi.mpeg

File format : MOV, MP4, MPEG
Video file size: Each video to be up to 200 MB (compressed)

Video recording angle to include the participant in full frame and front view. The video recording should capture the entire kata performance. Participants/ Parents are encouraged to help set up the video recording (i.e. to use a tripod stand), prior to the final submission.

Note: We seek parents/participants’ support to submit the best video quality recording. 


Steps for participants to prepare and comply for recording:

i. Start recording (to capture participant in full frame and front view)

ii. “Rei” or bow

iii. Shout the Kata name and Perform the kata

iv. “Rei” or bow at end of Kata

v. Stop recording


Submission of videos

Participants are allowed to submit only one kata or up to two different katas. No submissions will be allowed after 23 July 2021.

For inquiries, please email ekata@gojuryusg.org.




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